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Red House Retrospective

I don’t want to hex us, but I find myself REALLY appreciating this mild winter weather. The pleasantness has served as a distraction from the ongoing drumbeat of destruction. So, let’s review. The red house, you will recall, fell off … Continue reading

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Sandpoint Voluntary

I mentioned the Sand Points previously. I’m not sure if it’s one word or two. They are a popular way to get free water at Washaway Beach. You drive a screened 20-ft cast iron pipe down into the ground water, … Continue reading

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My favorite things

Raindrops on rosesAnd whiskers on kittensBright copper kettlesand warm woolen mittensBrown paper packagesTied up with stringsThese are a few of my favorite things.Cream-colored poniesand crisp apple streudelDoorbellsand sleigh bellsand schnitzel with noodlesWild geese that fly with the moon on their … Continue reading

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Driftwood Lane

Washaway Beach is in close proximity to the Shoalwater Indian Reservation. This means that the Fourth of July must be avoided, as every red-blooded eight-year-old and drunken yahoo has easy access to professional grade explosives. While I have never been … Continue reading

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Ray and Juanita’s

It was last winter but seems like a long time ago. I had always admired the place with the decorative seagulls and waterfront treehouse. I had briefly met Ray, a gregarious 18-year-old, when he was burying logs in the sand … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day 2011

Here come the high tides. There is this green shack with disturbingly few windows that has been on the edge since Christmastime. People have been salvaging the roofing. Which just makes me wonder, why not the decking? But I always … Continue reading

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