Valentine’s day 2011


Here come the high tides. There is this green shack with disturbingly few windows that has been on the edge since Christmastime. People have been salvaging the roofing.
Which just makes me wonder, why not the decking? But I always value frivolity over function. February 13th it was still standing.

Fallen valentine.

It is just not good when there are places falling in a block away.  I could hear Watchers zipping up and down Whipple Ave. in their trucks all morning in the storm and knew something must have just happened.


I expect Washaway, but I can’t get used to it. I like it when the places are perched on the edge, flying and hopeful, defying gravity and doom. When they fall, it is a quick transition from salvage to garbage. The scavengers must act quickly,  harvesting in all kinds of weather, before the ocean takes it all.



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One Response to Valentine’s day 2011

  1. Wow. Nice documentation. You capture the poetry of the place. This is Ruth again… the one living in Tokyo but born in Grayland. I didn’t think about Washaway when I saw the newscasts showing the tsunami that followed the earthquake. Now I’m making connections between the two. We used to live in Sendai. Our first child was born there. We watched the wave rolling over the flats where my husband used to drive to work 25 years ago. Frightening. For some, that wave took everything away and they are still trying to find a reason to remain on this earth.

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