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Rhody house

Despite my best efforts, I have gotten the cold I thought I was too smart for. So I decided if I was going to have a headache and blow my nose all the time, it would be better at the … Continue reading

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Ray and Juanita’s

It was last winter but seems like a long time ago. I had always admired the place with the decorative seagulls and waterfront treehouse. I had briefly met Ray, a gregarious 18-year-old, when he was burying logs in the sand … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day 2011

Here come the high tides. There is this green shack with disturbingly few windows that has been on the edge since Christmastime. People have been salvaging the roofing. Which just makes me wonder, why not the decking? But I always … Continue reading

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Last winter was unusual because the erosion never stopped, nicely, during the summer, as it should, and there was dramatic erosion where it usually isn’t, up by Warrenton Cannery Road. Usually 150 feet a year falls into the ocean, but … Continue reading

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Local color

There have been high tides but no big storms, so things are falling in, but slowly. This is good news for my friends Roberta and Dave, whose place is likely to be next. Their place is a block away from … Continue reading

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