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In the Land of the Blind, a one-eyed artist is King. But who wants to work in the Land of the Blind? Not this girl. The protesters would gather outside the gates, chanting their poems into a bullhorn. They loved … Continue reading

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“Let’s consult the oracle,” my friend Val said, whipping out her phone to look something up. This is not the time to stop seeking. Truth, answers, kindness, love, hope. I am looking for messages, and their messengers. So I decided … Continue reading

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The Bad Seed

“Good morning, Princess,” the Storm Trooper says. He calls all women Princess, yet it never gets old. His sidekick, Darth Vader, is a glorified hand truck. “Morning, Stormy,” I say, and fist-bump his glove. It’s unfortunate that one of my … Continue reading

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Nice people from Al Jazeera America came to visit me at the ruins of my property last weekend. Check it out. I have some other stories to tell you, but they’ll have to wait. Stay tuned!  

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The Last Minit

The Last Minit: A villanelle (with apologies to all real poets) I never went, and so you went away. You weren’t that good, but I thought you would last. My car broke down, I ate your food for days. I … Continue reading

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It was cold for real when I arrived. Rain barrel: frozen. Drinking water, olive oil, dish soap  (watered down for the little froggies): frozen. You know you have an “unheated space” when you must put liquids in the fridge to … Continue reading

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Treading Water

Hey! The bone marrow transplant worked! It was “over 90% successful.” Now my mom has my DNA, my blood. “This could lead to some interesting scenarios,” my Aunt Norma joked. I like to brag that I kicked cancer’s ass, but … Continue reading

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