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Summery Summary

Picking up firework garbage in a Seattle park on July 5, I wondered if I was being delivered a sign as I noted the top firework names. Was this some kind of barometer of the USA? Assassin Revelation Zombie War … Continue reading

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“But even inside his hermetically sealed office, he could feel the wild call of the spring night. He could hear the scratching at his heart’s door of a dog that needed to be walked.”    -Jay McInerney, Brightness Falls You would … Continue reading

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Life is just a bowl of cherries Don’t take it serious Life’s too mysteriousYou work You save You worry so But you can’t take your dough when you go, go, go Keep repeating, “It’s the berries.”The strongest stoke must fallThe … Continue reading

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I’ve had landscaping jobs where we kept track of the stuff we used, to bill the client later. Soil, fertilizers, plants. Now I work in the same place every day and there is no one to bill, so I keep … Continue reading

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Frog Songs

Where do the old trailers go to die? Not the ocean, not this time. A miracle has happened. I got to have one more nice last visit with the Vagabond. It was somewhat trashed, of course, but still retained the … Continue reading

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The tweakers have been fighting over my sneakers. As well they might. They are a sweet old pair of vintage Adidas that I used to wear to cut the grass. When my property fell into the ocean, there was no … Continue reading

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I’ve gone to the beach on my birthday every year since 1994. Falling into the ocean is no reason to go breaking traditions. Although everything is changed, some things remain the same. There are the lumpy, shapely islands forming that … Continue reading

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