Life is just a bowl of cherries

berries-in-forestDon’t take it serious

apple-in-forestLife’s too mysteriousblue-pacific-treesYou work

you-work-you-saveYou save

you-saveYou worry so

you-worry-soBut you can’t take your dough when you go, go, go

go-go-goKeep repeating, “It’s the berries.”fern-and-sun-breakThe strongest stoke must fallorange-tumbleweedThe best things in lifesand-points-and-sunsetTo you were just loanedbacklit-mossSo how can you losepyramidsWhat you never owned?dinosaur-log“Hard times call for furious dancing,” Alice Walker tells us. And, in my case, also Judy Garland. A revisit to the “Wizard of Oz” was in order. (And “A Star Is Born.” And “Cabaret.” It’s been a bit of a bender).oz-treeTwo years ago December I lost my friend Regnor and my beach property at the same time. Every ceramic plate I eat off, every salad bowl I use, every mug I bring to my lips, Regnor made, so he is present. But although I can vividly recall my property, the magnificence of my Alder trees, the smell of moss, the songs of frogs, the feeling of both frontier wide open-ness and privacy, the immense quiet, I cannot conjure it up.



fall-kelp-2When I first got my property, my first pictures looked like this,  Celtic knots of sea kelp. Now my place is gone and the kelp endures.kelptextile-4Would it not seem that everywhere is Washaway now? The bank on which our comfort sits, undercut. The concrete foundation is broken and jaggedly hanging over the bank, waiting to drop into the ocean. Of course, we’re veterans, old pros to Doom and Impermanence. When does this cease to be scary?

whipple-12-16Do You Hear What I Hear:

ice-on-pondWind. Rain spattering on the tarp, on my trailer that I still get to stay in. Consistent, repetitive outbursts from the rooster several blocks away. Dawn was several hours ago, but he’s at it all night long anyway. He may be blind.sneaker-12-16Crows.  My humming of my little fridge from Home Depot. The two dogs that live on the neighbor’s deck (aka The Deck Dogs) who bark furiously anytime someone walks down the street to the beach, which is all day long. Hugo, my cat, snoring.seagulls-riding-cloud-wavesA song, a song, high above the trees, with a voice as big as the sea.truck-lightsOh, Christmas, stop, just stop it! My Mom loved Christmas, and I miss Mom, so every song is a dagger. Until now. As I sit here writing this, an all-tuba ensemble is performing in the Armory. The low vibrations, felt as much as heard, are helping.spooky-war-canA frog has shown up to redirect my negative thinking. The call and response between frog and crows is percussive and charming. And the rooster, what time signature is he following? I’ve been in a corporate environment too long. I want that rooster to Do Less. He is working way too hard, making everyone else look bad.september-mossy-treeI want you to know how grateful I am for your wise counsel, readers. I lean on you to make sense of the senseless. At least we have each other. Season’s greetings in uncertain times. “Courage in the dark days ahead,” as my Dad used to say.e-darth-stormySomeday, I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me.


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7 Responses to Cherries

  1. Nick daviscourt says:

    Sure miss place we had on oak, 4/5 years ago yo checked on it for me and it was gone,

  2. We’re living on the east coast now, and your pictures and text make me miss the Peninsula so much. All my family, or almost, are gone now. I associate them all with the Peninsula. I hope I see it one more time before I die. The kelp, and sand, and clay, and old tired worn buildings.

  3. Love your writing. Sending good vibrations.

  4. Glenn Turner says:

    Great batch of pictures- nice sense of light

  5. Resha Sabre says:

    Maybe your greatest teacher is Hugo. (I love your Christmas greeting. And ho ho ho to you!) ❤

  6. Corky Mayberry says:

    You do not know me, but we did have friends with a home down from the corner store. We watched the beach was away for years. They are both gone now, but their home is still there as far as we know. We must make a trip down and see. It has been so good to follow along with you and we feel your pain with you. Keep up the wonderful pictures and your wonderful sense of humor. You are a trooper.

  7. Dianna says:

    It’s very possible the south end of Ocean Shores (just north of the jetty) will go the way of your property. But where you had a small and unobtrusive place, the ones out here are large and ugly. “They” don’t seem to connect the jetty with the damage being caused.

    Still enjoying your blog…I hope we are helping, as you say.

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