Things are happening so fast here, it’s making my head spin. Every week, this is a different place.Chuy and boots-2

“In God We Trust”‘s whole yard disappeared in a single high tide, and now is on the edge, with a huge log protruding underneath it.



In Log We Trust.

In Log We Trust.


About 70 years old.

About 70 years old.

Craig’s driveway is gone now, along with his shed, and his foundation is in pieces on the beach.



Craig's shed

Craig’s shed

Craig foundation-2But things aren’t all bad at Craig’s. Do you know why landscapers hate Pampas grass? Because it’s impossible to remove.

pampas grass-2Over at Stanley and Resha’s, the lanai is gone now.

lanai 11-22-2They were having a wake and had a guest book for people to sign. They had a blind gift grab. I reached into a box and got a wrapped blue mug with seagulls on it. They gave away piles of stuff, including their light fixtures, mirror and bed, and drove a U-Haul to Seattle with the rest. Then they came back for more.

Resha and Stanley 11/22/14

Resha and Stanley 11/22/14

And with the cozy fire burning in the hearth, and Yoshi, the sweetly aging but still-puppylike big black dog chomping away on a stuffed penguin on the couch, and the sun shining, things just didn’t, and don’t, seem real.

Stanley and Resha's 11/28/14

Stanley and Resha’s 11/28/14

Others had come to mourn, too. I met Gary and Sue at the end of Spruce Street, about 50 feet from their “Belly-Acres By The Sea.”

Gary and Sue at Belly-Acres By The Sea

Gary and Sue at Belly-Acres By The Sea

Seagull at Belly-Acres

Seagull at Belly-Acres

Things are about the same at the end of Spruce. “The Ralphs” are hanging on.

Ralph's 11-22 2-2

One cool thing is that, next to the Ralph’s, there was this gorgeous, pristine vintage Boles Aero trailer, that looked like it was from the 50’s, about to fall into the ocean. It evidently was Grandfather’s, and his people came and saved it at the 11th hour. Yaaay!

Boles Aero-2The horribly stormy, then beautiful weather is confusing.

Stormy view

Stormy view

Vagabond view

Vagabond view

asphalt undercut-2asphalt chunks-2The Yellow and Black house, next to the departed Yellow and Brown Compound, is being salvaged and/or looted, and appears to have been, in its day, a nice place.

yellow-black house-2

inside yellow and black-2





sideways tree-2

Whipple St. 11/22/14

Whipple St. 11/22/14

beach walkers-2

“Smell the flowers. Blow out the candles.” I was on the bus recently, and this woman was talking about teaching her class of preschoolers to yoga breathe: in through the nose, out through the mouth. I’m trying to savor the moments, but the dread of impending doom looms, so I’m up for trying little tricks, like oxygen.

It’s December, so the Christmas music is here, which makes me think of Mom, which leads to unscheduled and inopportune crying jags. Vets of loss, when does this stop? This is fixing to be a long month.

sideways Xmas tree-2By now, you may have deduced that my place is not a nice, picturesque house about to fall into the ocean, but instead a ragtag compound of trailers, shacks and outbuildings. So the loss will be multiple times. Buckle up! Since I don’t know if I’ll still be seeing these places next week,  join me now and bow your heads for the Lost Soles…

Hugo and lost soles-2lost soles 11-14 2-2

No fair, I'm still working on this side!

No fair, I’m still working on this side!

…and, sadder still, the Palace of Crossed Swords.

palace  exterior-2palace  painting-2palace artwork-2

palace glass-2I got this idea from Karl Krogstad’s outhouse at the “Shrine to Circusanity” in Eastern Washington that burned up in the big Wenatchee fire a couple years ago. Wine bottles and mortar = stained glass.

bottles exterior-2 Except that white wine bottles, which, as the diamond people say, have better color, cut and clarity, are not my beverage. Fortunately, at the time, I had glamorous, Prosecco-drinking German neighbors whose recycling I would raid. If I were to do this again, which I probably won’t, I would hit up a restaurant for materials, though drinking has its charms.

palace grotto-2That last-minute rescue of the Grandpa trailer was inspiring. These things are wheeled! So, I’ve retained local talent to try to move my Vagabond, on its 1930’s wheels, to my tiny vacant lot a little ways down, soon. I need the gift of time. Please, send me all of your positive vibrations. The sun went down on the last of Craig’s shed. Smell the flowers, blow out the candles. Let us be gypsy wagons, transient as the beach itself.

Vagabond 11/29/14

Vagabond 11/29/14

Craig shed sunset-2


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6 Responses to Trust

  1. I am so excited, then a little nervous, when I get notice about a new blog, and relieved to hear your place is still hanging in there! Wishing you strength and endurance through this month! Holidays are always hard when you’ve lost a parent, but it does get a little easier as time goes by.. impossible to put a timeline to it though. Of course, because everyone is different! It would be nice to be able to say… Oh, 1 year, then it will be just fine! Blessings Erica, HAPPY holidays to you!

  2. Like the last comment, I look forward to each notice of a new post but tempered with dread. That “ragtag compound of trailers, shacks, and buildings” is your sanctuary; that is why you and your various neighbors are there. It was cheap enough so “the everyday person” could afford to buy it and live so close to the ocean. It is magical to be there, and the rush to the sea has long been one of woman-kind’s ways to heal the soul.

    I sincerely hope you are able to gain some time with a successful move of your little trailer. Blessings upon you.

  3. Vickie Starr Cordova says:

    Love your pics And writings

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Glenn Turner says:

    If the levee breaks, mama you got to move. Ooo-oo

  5. sue hudelson says:

    You keep me captivated Erika. Sending you sweet smelling flowers and relaxing candle light…

  6. Sara Opperman says:

    Thanks for sharing your piece of Heaven with us Erika. Praying for a smooth move to the new spot when the time comes. Merry Christmas! 🙂

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