You may want to pick up some shoulder-launched missiles. The Pentagon is about to fall in the ocean.PentagonAll right, it’s a hexagon, which is less funny, and it was clearly crafted with some love.

Pentagon roof I’ll bet it has a better view than the real Pentagon.

Pentagon viewSummer is usually the less-eroding time, and this has been mostly true except for in a few places. There’s the last of the Yellow Compound at the end of Spruce Street:

last yellow compound 2yellow compound cross sectionThis place, which I will unimaginatively call the Yellow and Brown Compound:

yellow-brown compoundAnd, of course, the hard-luck A-frame.

A-frame 2

crow silhouetteWhile these serve as an ominous reminder to never forget,  the glory of summer is distracting. It’s trendy now to post lists of the things you’re grateful for. Here is mine:

I haven’t been able to get to the beach much, so my neighbor Ray has been cutting my grass for cash and Bud Lite. This has been a rewarding investment.

Ray and mowerI am delighted and entertained by Washaway Beach and its fascinating curiosities.3 sandpoints

tire and gooseneck musselstire 2beach bananalost pantscliff facefeathersshipwreck and barnaclesvelellapaddleboarders 1paddleboarderspaddleboarders groupI’m thankful for our beautiful Northwest king salmon cooked on the fire, smoked with leaves and branches from my alder trees, served with a sweet corn summer salad.

salmon cookingsmokersalmon and corn saladAnd then there are the guys, the best boys, my goodfellas, always looking out for me.

GoodfellasHugo jagI’m especially grateful for my place here, my piece of this, for a little more time here, for as long as I’m allowed. I guess I’m just a lucky so and so.

vagabond and daisiesbeach foxgloves


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2 Responses to Glory

  1. Karen Ferry says:

    I continue to enjoy your adventures at the beach, your wit and your lovely pics. Your cute little place with beautiful flowers must be a special place for you to visit. 🙂

  2. Lonnie says:

    Having been coming down here from Seattle since 72 and helping my wife’s dad build their home here, it really hurts to see what the next chapter is. Lonnie

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