The rockets’ red glare? Pass. Washaway is next to an Indian reservation, so the Fourth is a Mecca for meatheads seeking explosives. The beach must be avoided at this time, unless patriotic terrorism is your bag. Besides, my firework wallpaper project is now complete, so I have no need to go harvesting anymore.

firework wallpapercookhouse interiorThis is not to say my Seattle neighborhood was immune to constant shelling, but, unlike the beach, I do not expect it to be quiet. I stayed inland to make sure no one set my roof on fire. While I was at it, I decided to be a tourist in my own town.

space needle and tree

I go to the coast so often, I forget that the mountains are pretty cool too. I went for a beautiful hike amid alpine wildflowers on Little Bandera Mountain, just east of here.

bandera 1bandera 2

bandera 3

Then I headed down to Seattle’s waterfront, to observe the wildlife.

3 chihuahuaschihuahua

The Chihuahuas in sombreros were hilarious, but they must’ve been heavily sedated. That would explain the shades. All I know is, the sombrero did not go over well at home.

Hugo sombreroAnd there were other creatures with addiction issues too, namely the Ivar’s seagulls, endlessly enabled by Ivar’s sub-par french fries.



seagull and ferry

I went for a ride on Seattle’s Great Wheel. This is a gorgeous way to see the city.

great wheelwheel view 1wheel view 2wheel view 3wheel view 4wheel view 5wheel view 6

Missing the beach, I headed over to the Seattle Aquarium for some sea life.

Young salmon

Young salmon

aquarium 1aquarium 2aquarium 3aquarium 5aquarium 6aquarium 7aquarium 8aquarium 9

While a lifetime in captivity sounds like no fun, I think the sea otters have figured out how to do it, spending the long days eating clams, doing the backstroke.

sea otter_0001


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2 Responses to Inland

  1. Jamgochian, N says:

    Lovely post Erika. Thank you.

  2. Carolyn Skye says:

    Delightful post, once again you amaze and amuse with your wit. Thank you.

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