High Waters

eroding bank 5I came to see the high tides and yes, there is some erosion going on, but it is slightly south of me. A 10.4 tide in the wrong weather can be deadly serious, so one must be thankful for a crisp, bright day.

eroding bank 3eroding bank 6

Units of Measure are in place to track any erosion with utter exactitude.

Craig flagAnd it’s those a little bit to the south who are, as we say at Washaway, “Willie B. Next.” This poor place has been gutted to the point where no one is enjoying the waterfront-ness, except maybe the looters:

70s house 270's house 570's house 670s house interior70's house detail70's house 870s house view 1P-INearby, someone’s compound of trailers has been trashed, pillaged, plundered, and it seems more like demolition and thievery than recycling. The heart sinks.

trashed trailers 1trashed trailers 2trashed trailers 3What an opportune time to stage a pile of garbage to fall into the ocean!

garbage hillside6-panel 26-panel 1It’ll be a duet.

eroded driveway 2eroded drivewayeroded bankemerging tiresBut we must practice gratitude. With any luck, there might be another summer.

low tidestand of treespurple sunset





About washybeach

Washaway Beach This Week is a blog by photojournalist Erika Langley. See more work at www.erikalangley.com.
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3 Responses to High Waters

  1. basutatalk says:

    Its so sad watching the actions (waste) of humans.
    There is comfort in knowing that humans only account for shot part of the earths history!
    The things I could build with all that wood!

  2. Katherine White says:

    Triple wow. I just forwarded this to my two sons who knew Washaway Beach from our earlly days of owning the Tokeland Hotel. Ohmygawd. Who’d a thunk it would have come to this. The “Emerging Tires” image is very telling. Great job. Thank you for being such a great chronicler. (Is that the right word?) Katherine White

  3. Wow… I am struck by the amount of stuff people left /leave behind! It is very, very sad
    ; the lack of respect for that beautiful area! I also just read the cat people entry and wow, speaking of left behind!! So thankful for animal rescue orgs and people. Again, great read Erika… praying for you!

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