The Last Minit

The Last Minit: A villanelle

(with apologies to all real poets)

Minit market 04I never went, and so you went away.

You weren’t that good, but I thought you would last.

My car broke down, I ate your food for days.

Minit market 08I picked up ice cream there a month or more

ago, shelves bare, as though the die was cast.

I never went, and so you went away.

Minit market 03The Local Store is where we all would stray,

its produce fresh, restocked before you asked.

Sweet berries and cilantro seize the day.

Minit market 05The Chevron on the rez came into play,

with hot fried chicken, pizza and cheap gas.

I never went, and so you went away.

Minit market 06My bike lies still, without the handy way

junk food and garbage produce were so fast

to get, to eat,  guilt-free as easy prey.

Minit market 09Expired food and bad wines bring dismay.

A rugged ship, it seems to now have crashed.

A “Bud Light” sign still glows to greet the day.

I never went, and so you went away.


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3 Responses to The Last Minit

  1. bryley says:

    Oh my! Much of my childhood summer memories involved walking to the Minit Market from my grandparent’s lot around the corner.

    Thank you for your blog. North Cove is an interesting place.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Reblogged this on someofthenoise and commented:
    My friend Erika’s awesome blog…

  3. Mike Rickert says:

    Wow, years ago when our cabin was around going to the Minit Mart was a big deal! Something for everyone, great candy selection, cheap wine, lottery tickets and clam licenses. Another piece of North Cove and my childhood gone, but not forgotten!

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