frozen leavesIt was cold for real when I arrived. Rain barrel: frozen. Drinking water, olive oil, dish soap  (watered down for the little froggies): frozen. You know you have an “unheated space” when you must put liquids in the fridge to warm them up.

fireFire is good. And, having no running water, my nonexistent pipes didn’t break. We must accentuate the positive.

The highest, or “king” tides of the year, have come and gone without incident.

Washaway BeachWashaway BeachIt could be the whims of what the South Beach Bulletin, Washaway’s newspaper of record, calls “Mother Nature’s Fury!” Or could it be all the earnestly applied Erosion Control Techniques?







This is not to say it’s been entirely uneventful. There’s been some Japanese tsunami stuff washing up.

Washaway BeachWashaway BeachThere has been some interesting sea foam.

Washaway BeachWashaway BeachOne day was a monochromatic cloud soup that was like wandering in the dark.  It would’ve been easy to sneak up on someone, or vice versa. Were it not for the ocean I would not have found my way.

cloud soup 1cloud soup 2cloud soup 3There was brief snow at the beach, which I missed. There’s been stormy weather, where the trailer shimmies and shakes. It is not connected to the ground. It is a vehicle, a gypsy wagon, transient as the beach itself.

Washaway BeachWashaway BeachWashaway BeachFor now, everything endures, even the excellent fort past the rock pile. Its tarps are so shredded they have become part of the landscape, like Spanish moss.

spanish moss tarptarp spanish moss 2Washaway BeachHere (Cape Shoalwater)

No news is good news. Besides, it is never a slow news day in the South Beach Bulletin:

“Friday, December 6, 6:10 p.m. 100 Block S. Montesano- Red Apple Market. Juvenile Problem. Three juveniles throwing snow balls at vehicles. Officer checked area with negative results.”

mussel poodle

mussel poodle

“Sunday, December 8, 1:47 a.m. Suspicious Person. Intoxicated elderly male observed staring at a boat. Officer provided courtesy transport to Holiday Motel.”

Washaway Beach“Sunday, December 8, 1:59 a.m. Suspicious vehicle. Officer contacted driver. No problem.”

Washaway BeachDo you know Hans Christian Andersen’s story of “The Little Match Girl”? This story is a real drag, one more reason I prefer the Brothers Grimm. A little girl, “bareheaded and barefoot”, has struck out trying to sell matches. “The poor little creature was hungry and perishing with cold, and she looked the picture of misery.”

She starts lighting matches, and with each brief flame, she has a vision: a big warm stove with brass feet and handles. A beautiful table with “a roast goose stuffed with apples and plums.” A Christmas tree, all lit up with candles. And, finally, she sees her dead grandmother.

“Oh, do take me with you,” she says. “I know you will vanish when the match goes out. You will vanish like the warm stove, the delicious goose, and the beautiful Christmas tree!”

So she lights up all the rest of the matches and her grandmother picks her up and they go flying away. The next day people find her frozen. “She must have tried to warm herself,” they say.

Washaway BeachNow, clearly, this story sucks. So I’m happy to report the story of Washaway’s own Little Match Girl:

“December 8,  3:51 a.m. 1800 Block S. Montesano. Female walking home called 911 stating she was cold, tired, and afraid of the dark. She then stated she saw streetlights and was OK. Officer checked area with negative results.”

Merry winter to all, and to all, a streetlight.

opal sky



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    Thanks Erika

  3. Nolyn says:

    That was kind of wonderful. Thanks for the glimpse into this little world. Even though it’s leaving you just brought it into my world along with a little magic. Thank you.

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