Beach access

  Summertime’s here, sort of. Marcy and I went for my first barefoot beach walk this year. Marcy lives at the beach, so it’s already old hat for her. The weather was nice, sort of, and the  people were out, perfect fodder for my “Beach Access” series, where people happily cavort by the same ocean that will rip your house down.

Northwest beach people.

One hour later.

Erosion-wise, things have really slowed down, if not stopped. The main things falling into the ocean right now are donations, sacrifices, offerings.


Puzzle pieces.

The next day, Saturday, was the last day of the razor clamming season. Everyone wanted to make sure they had their limit of 15 clams. I wanted to make sure I had my limit of Razor Clam Fashion Photographs.

Assume the position.

Dave Starkey and posse

Even the ever-gregarious Dave was on-task, explaining that he was out clamming with his buddy and had no time to chat, he had to round up 30 clams, pronto.


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