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Washaway Beach This Week is a blog by photojournalist Erika Langley. See more work at
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  1. M Freund says:

    We really like this new format. We were concerned you had given up archiving the past winter’s pictures as the changes were so rapid, and you were having to change them out quicker. GLAD to see they are all pretty much still here to view, intact.

    We’ve been in touch before, about a year ago, as we also are “watchers” who come often from out of town to walk the beach and take our own pictures, documenting a bit for ourselves, throughout the Fall and Winter months. We spend summers in town of Westport, for the fishing season. Our pictures are NOTHING like the caliber of yours.

    Keep up the good work; it’s much appreciated.

  2. Monica says:

    LOVE the new format! I have been coming to your site for a while now and love the pictures. Keep up the great work!

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