Welcome to Washaway.

In 2002 I bought some beach property on the Washington coast that is absolutely guaranteed to fall into the ocean. I did it on purpose.

Yes, it was cheap, but that wasn’t my motivation. I am utterly seduced by Washaway Beach, where destruction and fragile, almost unbearable beauty collide. It is a humbling place, a tear in the fabric of reality.

Photography is the medium that best captures what is vanishing, and in this case, so is my subject. I am both witness and participant, photographing the beach into permanence.


About washybeach

Washaway Beach This Week is a blog by photojournalist Erika Langley. See more work at www.erikalangley.com.
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5 Responses to Welcome to Washaway.

  1. Bill Freund says:

    My wife and I have been following your website for years. We also visit Washaway Beach frequently. We appreciate your website and like the new format.

  2. Resha says:

    Super website!! I think you’re over the top with this
    new format! Your pictures are great!!
    Resha– a washaway beach watcher, also.

  3. Nick in Lebanon Or, you kept me posted last year when my last lot dropped off the end of Oak Street just beyond the power pole shown in your last picture, i still own three chunks of Washington Beach.
    Was a lot of fun for 5 years, but now a memory, thanks for updates on your website
    Nick Daviscourt

  4. sue hudelson says:

    I like it Erika – your story telling both in word and image. It is fun to see how you see.
    Thanks for sharing the goings on in your mind and camera!

  5. Jerry Lane says:

    I love the information that you are sharing. My parents bought a trailer that was about to be washed away on Spruce street and we moved it within the Washaway area in 1998. I spent the latter part of the summer and most of the winter of 2010 and was watching the destruction on the end of Whipple and now Cedar street is gone. I went out last week and was shocked to see the end of Spruce is now a target again. Then yesterday I went out again and the Tyvek house is missing a garage which was intact just one week before. How long before we hit the highway. I saw a letter to the editor in the Daily World and the writer suggested putting the Alaskan Way viaduct on Barges and using it to slow the erosion of Wash Away Beach. The writer might be on to something. It’s so sad to see peoples homes falling to the sea but then you realize that hundreds of years ago the ocean was where it is trying to return to now. I really enjoyed your post and will watch for future updates. Good luck and enjoy the show.

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